Barred Owl

I have been working on this painting of a Barred owl for many months and wanted to share a small detail with you. I will post images of the full painting when it is complete. Also featured is a queenly white rabbit and flying squirrel dignitaries. After working on my book of fables for over a year, I have been excited with the prospect of going even deeper into narrative driven paintings. This year you are seeing colors I've never used before in this series, as well as a pull away from stand-alone portraiture. Strangely, the most frequently asked question posed to me this year has been, "Which comes first: writing the stories or creating the paintings?" My answer has always been: The paintings! I am very visual, and I can usually see the character I want to build before I ever think up something extraordinary that might happen to them. Although I'm looking toward more narrative driven work, I can't promise every painting will have a written story, but I am sure this blog will feature additional stories at some point!

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