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Meet the Artist

Olivia Beaumont is a talented and accomplished fine artist with a passion for creating meaningful and thought-provoking pieces. Born and raised in Long Beach, Ca, she developed a love for art and storytelling at a young age and spent her childhood reading and exploring different art mediums and techniques.

After completing her studies in Drawing and Painting at California State University of Long Beach, Olivia moved to Georgia to continue her artistic journey. It was during this time that she discovered her passion for creating children's books, using her skills as an artist and storyteller to bring her imaginative and heartwarming tales to life. 

Her unique style, which combines elements of Imaginative Realism with Old Master techniques, has garnered attention and praise from art critics and collectors alike. 

Through her use of classical painting techniques and costumes borrowed from history’s nobility Olivia transports viewers into a gilded fairy tale. Her enchanted world strikes chords of wonder, beauty, and humor in a way that is both delightful and meaningful. 

 Her paintings are currently on view in Savannah, Georgia at Gallery 209 and Savannah Gallery of Art. 


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