"The Firefly Kingdom"

     After completing "The Firefly Kingdom" last week, I had a majestic visitor. The very next day I was in a heavily wooded area with tall trees and a wide open canopy. I was delighted to see a barred owl lift off a nearby shed when she sensed me walking in her direction. Instead of leaving the area, she alighted in a nearby tree and looked down on me, she was all eyes. I was attempting to inch closer to her for pictures (which I took, but are not good enough to post). Eventually she skipped over to a hidden place in the trees. I did get one last look at the back of her wings and enjoyed seeing the lovely barred pattern in full span.
    Please enjoy these details of "The Firefly Kingdom". I have been brainstorming a story following the rabbit queen who flew up to the moon and forever glowed like a firefly at dusk. . . Perhaps I'll find the time to write and post the story here. 

   < The original concept sketch.

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  • laura shapiro on

    I would like a large glicee of this.

  • lori schweitzer on

    Love your work and am in awe of your talent! Congrats on so much success!! Ryan’s mom

  • Erika Atkinson on

    Owls are so beautiful! We had a barred owl couple for a few months staying in our yard (I think they were dining on Andrew’s fish.) Love the Luna moth on the left in your painting!

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