King Otto Bristleton III

A few posts ago I shared this drawing. If you want to review how to make the leap from imagination to an imaginative drawing, use the link.

King of the Mustelidae - Process

King of the Mustelidae - Process

I have outlined this painting process in previous posts. I'm going to try to hit different details this time. Please feel free to ask questions in the comments section if I skip something you're curious about or would like to know a material name brand to try it for yourself.

I transferred the drawing to a prepared wood panel. My favorite is Ampersand Gessoboard because it has a smooth tooth surface and the quality is so gorgeous I would hang it on my wall straight out of the wrapper.

This image shows the grisaille underpainting using Raw Umber and White.

Once the grisaille was dry I glazed with Burnt Umber, Black, and Transparent Gold Ochre.

I started glazing my primary colors. ..

In this next image, you can see that I made some compositional changes. (Keep looking for them throughout this demo.) I also started to scumble dry color into the wet glazed areas to build the form. The direction of the light hitting the scene becomes more definitive.

Glaze, scumble, glaze, scumble, hours and weeks pass...

On a personal note, I'm totally in love with the family of animals that includes otters, weasels, ferrets, etc. It makes me sad when I see weasels and ferrets always playing the bad guys in movies. Look at this common weasel - he's having such a good time! What better company can a sea otter king ask for?

And here I put my paintbrush down!

Thank you for viewing!


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